Tips for beginners

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  • Use WASD to move around.
  • Press C to open the character sheet and select a skill.
  • Press I to open the inventory.
  • The level cap is 100. Max skill level is 20.
  • If you can't activate a skill, you probably don't have enough mana. Spend 20 to 30 points in intelligence so you can afford the skill's mana ​cost.
  • You can buy items from Mr Martino.
  • Press P to teleport back to town if you are not in combat.
  • CTRL + click a player to trade with them.
  • Hold SHIFT to compare an item you are looking at to your currently equipped item.
  • You can unleash any area and make it a level 100 area by killing the boss in that area. You need a summoning orb. Only level 100 monsters drop summoning orbs.
  • You can buy a random unique item from Mr Martino for one million gold.
  • You can unbind a skill by binding it to Esc.
  • You can re-roll rare weapons, armors and shields at Mr Martino for a gold cost until you are happy with your item.
  • Most mechanics in the game are defined and explained the manual (check the latest link at and on this wiki